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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Act I, Scene 1

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Act I, Scene 1

King's Cross

  • We open in a busy train station "full of people trying to go somewhere" (1.1.1). Huh: who'da thunk it: people are trying to get somewhere at a train station?
  • We recognized one group of people trying to go somewhere: the Potter family.
  • Harry Potter, now thirty-seven, is with his wife, Ginny (formerly Weasley), and three kids: James, Albus, and Lily.
  • The Potter clan's arguing because James is teasing Albus, whose first year at Hogwarts is approaching, that he will be put into Slytherin. As you might have guessed, being sorted into Slytherin in the Potter family is kind of like voting Republican in the Obama family.
  • The scene ends with the family running headlong into a wall.

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