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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Act I, Scene 10

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Act I, Scene 10

  • On the Hogwarts Express, Rose tells Albus she wants to be friends again.
  • He reminds her, "We never were friends" (1.10.6).
  • Is there a spell to heal that sick burn?
  • Even though Albus had listened in a few scenes ago when Amos Diggory said Harry had a Time-Turner, Albus is shocked to learn from Rose that Harry has a Time-Turner.
  • That gives Albus an idea.
  • He finds Scorpius and tells him that they have to get off the Hogwarts Express (while it's in express mode).
  • Why? Because Albus thinks if he can bring Cedric Diggory back, he can correct his dad's past mistakes.

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