Study Guide

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Act I, Scene 3

By Jack Thorne, based on a story by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne

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Act I, Scene 3

The Hogwarts Express

  • Albus and Rose decide that they need to pick their friends carefully.
  • As Rose says, "I'm a Granger-Weasley, you're a Potter—everyone will want to be friends with us, we've got the pick of anyone we want" (1.3.8).
  • They enter a train compartment occupied by one Scorpius Malfoy.
  • He has candy, so everyone should want to be his friend too.
  • But no one does…because not only was his father, Draco Malfoy, a Death Eater, but he's also rumored to be Voldemort's son.
  • Ew.
  • Rose leaves, not wanting to be friends with someone who could call Voldemort "daddy" and mean it.
  • But Albus stays. He says it's because of the candy, which the two boys share.

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