Act III, Scene 16

Hogwarts, Owlery

  • Scorpius is trying to think of a fun way—yes, fun—to destroy the Time-Turner, when Delphi shows up.
  • Albus contacted her because he thought she should be present when they destroy the Time-Turner.
  • She's shocked to learn that Voldemort was alive in an alternate timeline.
  • Albus notices a tattoo on Delphi's back.
  • An Augery tattoo.
  • Scorpius realizes that the evil person Hermione mentioned in the alternate timeline, the Augery, was Delphi.
  • She blasts Albus and Scorpius with spells and steals the Time-Turner.
  • "I am the new future" (3.16.71) she says.
  • Looks like we're going to be time traveling again. Hang on to your butts.

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