Study Guide

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Act III, Scene 21

By Jack Thorne, based on a story by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne

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Act III, Scene 21

St. Oswald's Home for Old Witches and Wizards, Delphi's Room

  • Harry has decided that Delphi Confunded Amos, tricking him into thinking she was his niece.
  • In Delphi's room, Harry hears a voice speaking Parseltongue.
  • He talks back to it, and the prophecy Delphi recited appears.
  • Then Ginny finds another clue.
  • The writing is on the wall, literally: "I will rebirth the Dark. I will bring my father back," (3.20.38).
  • We don't know what's weirder, the fact that Voldemort has a daughter, or that his daughter wrote this on her own bedroom wall.

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