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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Act III, Scene 5

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Act III, Scene 5

Hogwarts, Potions Classroom

  • Scorpius is shocked that Snape has been brought back to life.
  • Now if only he could go back in time and revive Alan Rickman. (Sniffle.)
  • Scorpius believes Snape's allegiance still lies with Dumbledore, even though Dumbledore is dead, and he tells Snape everything.
  • It pays off.
  • Snape tells Scorpius that Cedric Diggory killed Neville Longbottom, which means that Neville never killed Nagini the snake.
  • Scorpius tells Snape there's another world, a good world where Harry Potter lived.
  • We notice that he neglects to tell Snape that in that world, though, Snape is dead.

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