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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Act IV, Scene 4

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Act IV, Scene 4

Ministry of Magic, Harry's Office

  • Dumbledore's portrait visits Harry in his office.
  • Harry tells him to go away. He doesn't need him anymore.
  • He blames Dumbledore's bad advice for his rift with Albus, his son.
  • Basically, Harry blames Dumbledore for everything awful—leaving him at Privet Drive, always being secretive, inventing the Sham-Wow.
  • Dumbledore's portrait cries, and Harry admits that he did love Dumbledore.
  • Draco enters and gives Harry a Time-Turner he's conveniently kept secret for the last twenty years.
  • Now they have to find out not only where their sons are, but when.

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