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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Act IV, Scene 9

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Act IV, Scene 9

Godric's Hollow, St. Jerome's Church Sanctuary, 1981

  • Everyone's hung up on Delphi, but time goes by and she hasn't shown her face (or her tacky back tattoo) yet.
  • Albus is asleep, so Ginny takes the time to tell Harry that he needs to show his son "specific love" (4.9.17).
  • Harry says, "I do love him specifically" (4.9.20). Wake him up and tell him, Dad!
  • Ginny has a new idea about Voldemort and Delphi.
  • She thinks Delphi isn't going to kill Baby Harry. She's going to stop Voldemort from trying it.
  • Le gasp.

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