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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Disappointment

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Harry Potter grew up with one disappointment in life after another. Life isn't exactly a thrill a minute when you live in a cupboard under the stairs. Hogwarts, a school of magic and mystery, would be amazing to anyone, but it was extra amazing to Harry Potter, a boy who had nothing. Not even parents.

As a result, Harry looks back at his time at Hogwarts with rose-colored glasses. In Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Harry can't understand why his own son, Albus, isn't having the same magical, life-changing time that he had.

At forty, is Harry already too old to forget what life was like at ten years old? No wonder Albus is disappointed in his relationship with his dad. Harry can't remember what it was like to be his son's age, and can't relate to him at all. Someone should take off Harry's rose-colored glasses, smash them, and make sure he never utters an oculus reparo.

Questions About Disappointment

  1. Why is Albus so disappointed with his dad? Why is Harry disappointed with Albus?
  2. In Act II, Scorpius calls out Albus for being a bad friend. Why is Scorpius disappointed in his friendship with Albus?
  3. Each alternate timeline comes with its own disappointments at things that are different. What are the characters unhappy with in each timeline, and how do they change it?
  4. Why is Ginny unhappy with Harry's parenting?

Chew on This

Disappointment often leads to guilt and/or regret, two emotions that chew at Harry Potter throughout the play.

The characters in this play often try to go back in time to fix their disappointing memories, only to make things worse.

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