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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Felix Felicis

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  • In Herbology class the next morning, Harry, Ron, and Hermione have way too much to talk about to be able to focus on juicing Snargaluff pods.
  • Harry tries to pretend he's busy hunting pods while Hermione and Ron get into an argument over Slughorn's holiday party.
  • Ron thinks Slughorn's parties are ridiculous, mainly because he never gets invited to them. He's a bit jealous, and taunts Hermione for entertaining the thought of going to the party.
  • Once Hermione is able to get a word in, she tells him that everyone invited to the holiday party gets to bring a guest and that she was planning on asking Ron all along.
  • This shuts Ron up, and makes him quite content and happy, although they both blush a lot.
  • Harry begins to take note of the romantic vibes between Hermione and Ron.
  • Later on, Harry and Ron encounter Ginny and Dean making out in the doorway of the Gryffindor Tower. This makes Ron furious and Harry strangely jealous.
  • Ron and Ginny get into a screaming match in which Ron tells her she's embarrassing him with her PDA (public display of affection), and in which Ginny tells Ron he's only jealous because he's never kissed ("snogged") anyone before. She points out that Hermione has made out with someone before (Victor Krum), which really bothers Ron.
  • The next day, Ron is in a bad mood. At Quidditch practice, he's screaming at people, losing his temper, and, worst of all, he's playing really badly.
  • The match against Slytherin looms large, but by the end of practice, everyone on the team feels discouraged (none more than Ron himself).
  • Feeling like a bigtime loser, Ron tries to quit the team. Harry won't let him.
  • The morning of the Quidditch match, Harry decides to pretend to lace Ron's pumpkin juice with the good luck potion he won in Potions class.
  • Hermione is outraged since using Felix Felicis is illegal for sports games, and she feels it's totally unethical.
  • Ron is relieved, though. He has the best game of his life and leads the team to victory.
  • After the game, Harry tells Ron and Hermione that he actually didn't put any potion at all into Ron's juice. Ron was victorious all on his own.
  • Ron is pleased, but mad that Hermione thinks he couldn't have done a good job without the help of the potion.
  • All of Gryffindor is celebrating the win in the common room, and Harry and Hermione watch as Ron makes out hardcore with Lavender Brown.
  • Hermione disappears, and Harry follows her, finding her in a classroom.
  • She is sitting by herself with a halo of yellow, twittering birds around her head.
  • She tells Harry that everything is just fine and that she is A-OK. A big fat lie.
  • Seeking a place to make out in private, Ron and Lavender accidentally stumble upon Harry and Hermione in the classroom.
  • Hermione leaves the classroom, sending her twittering birds to attack Ron's head.

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