Study Guide

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Chapter 11

By J.K. Rowling

Chapter 11


  • After Halloween, the weather gets colder and they move into Quidditch season. Harry's excited about playing in his first game, which will be against Slytherin.
  • Even though Harry's position on the team is supposed to be a secret, word is on the street that he's playing. People tell him it's going to be either really awesome or really terrible. Harry's glad to be friends with Hermione, because she helps him with his homework.
  • Harry learns all about the history of Quidditch from a book Hermione lends him, Quidditch Through the Ages.
  • Hermione seems to be a little bit cooler when it comes to rules and stuff. The day before Harry's first match, Harry, Ron, and Hermione hang out in the courtyard. Snape comes over to them and asks to see it. He takes it away and criticizes them for having a library book outside the building. As he walks away, they notice he's limping.
  • That night, all the Gryffindors are hanging out, excited, in their dorm. Hermione's helping Ron and Harry with their homework, and then Harry decides to chase down Snape to go get his book back.
  • He goes to the teachers' lounge, and no one answers his knock. When he peeks inside, he sees Filch helping Snape bandage his leg. Snape's talking about something with three heads, and sees Harry before Harry can get away. He yells at Harry to get out.
  • Harry goes back to the dorm without his book, but with the idea that Snape is after whatever the three-headed monster dog is protecting. Ron agrees, but Hermione doesn't see why Snape would go against Dumbledore.
  • When they go to bed, Harry's still thinking about the problem.
  • When he wakes up, he's too nervous to eat. Hermione tries to convince him to have some breakfast, but he's put off by Seamus telling him that Seekers always get beat up the most.
  • Nearly the whole student body shows up to watch the match, and Harry's first-year friends are all there to support him.
  • The Gryffindor Quidditch team has a spirit meeting, where Wood encourages them about how great they are.
  • The game's referee is Madam Hooch. She tells them all to play fair and starts the game.
  • Lee Jordan gives a running commentary on the game. The Chasers pass the Quaffle back and forth between their teams, and Gryffindor is the first to score.
  • Up in the stands, Hagrid joins Harry's friends.
  • Harry still hasn't seen the Snitch, or much action; one Bludger comes at him, but that's all.
  • The Slytherins have the ball when people seem to see the Snitch. Harry and the Slytherin Seeker race after it, and Harry is fouled by Marcus Flint.
  • The Gryffindors and the commentator think it was cheating, but there's not a big penalty.
  • Harry just thinks he sees the Snitch again when his broom gets all wobbly. He realizes it's taken on a life of its own and won't do anything he wants it to. Everyone else is looking at the game's action.
  • Hagrid and the other observers notice that Harry's broom is out of control. It tosses Harry off and he clings one-handedly.
  • Ron, Hagrid and Hermione realize that someone powerful has enchanted Harry's broomstick, and they see Snape watching Harry and mouthing something. Hermione thinks it's a jinx.
  • The other players aren't able to rescue Harry from the misbehaving broom.
  • Hermione runs to the other side, where she knocks Prof. Quirrell over in her rush to get to Snape and casts a little spell to light his robe on fire. She runs away without being noticed.

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  • Harry's no longer unable to control his broom. As he's flying back down to earth, he catches the Snitch in his mouth, and his team wins the game.
  • Afterwards, Harry, Ron and Hermione go back to Hagrid's for tea and sympathy. Hermione and Ron tell Harry they think Snape put a jinx on him, although Hagrid disagrees.
  • To support their point, Harry tells Hagrid about how Snape must've tried to slip by the three-headed dog.
  • Hagrid calls the dog "Fluffy" and says it's his. He won't say what it's protecting. Despite their protests, he doesn't believe that Snape was cursing Harry. In his rush to tell them to leave things alone, he mentions Nicolas Flamel.
  • Harry picks up on this, but can't learn anything more.