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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Nicolas Flamel

  • After the whole mirror episode, Harry gives the invisibility cloak a rest. Instead, he has a lot of nightmares about his parents dying and seeing a weird green light.
  • Hermione comes back for classes and is bummed they haven't made more progress on Flamel. The three never got anything out of the library on him, and they're pretty busy when classes start again.
  • What really crowds Harry's schedule is Quidditch: they've got lots of extra practices preparing for the big game, and they have to be on their toes because Snape will be the referee.
  • When Harry hears about Snape being the ref, he wants to tell Ron and Hermione right away. They both think he should save himself and not play in the game. Harry has to, though, because he's their team's only Seeker.
  • They're interrupted when Neville falls into the room; his legs are stuck together with a curse. Hermione un-curses him, and Neville says Malfoy did it. He doesn't want any more trouble so he's not going to report it. Harry and Hermione try to comfort him, and Harry gives him a chocolate frog.
  • Neville gives Harry the card inside the frog, which is a picture of Dumbledore. Then, Harry realizes that's where he heard about Flamel before: Flamel is mentioned on the card. He partnered with Dumbledore in alchemy studies.
  • This gives Hermione a brainwave, and she dashes off to grab a huge book She tells them that Flamel is the only person who can make the Sorcerer's Stone.
  • Ron and Harry aren't impressed, so Hermione makes them read the relevant passage.
  • The Stone can transform metal into gold, and it can also make an elixir of immortality. Flamel is the only guy around who has access to one.
  • Hermione thinks the three-headed monster dog is guarding the Stone, and Harry says it makes sense everyone would want it.
  • The three are still talking about the Stone the next day in Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Harry decides he's going to play in the match in spite of Snape.
  • Harry's really nervous though, and the rest of his team is worried about Snape's bias as a ref. Harry is also worried that Snape can read his mind and is stalking him.
  • When it's game time, Harry, Ron and Hermione are all worried just for Harry's safety, let alone winning.
  • Ron and Hermione (who've been practicing curses) sit with Neville to watch the game, while Harry gets ready. When Harry hears Dumbledore is watching the game too, he relaxes a little.
  • Malfoy and his cohorts come sit with Hermione and Ron to put them off. Hermione and Ron are worried about Snape's refereeing; he's already given the other team, Hufflepuff, an unjust penalty.
  • Malfoy insults Harry, Ron, and Neville, and the Gryffindor team; when Neville stands up to him, Ron has his back.
  • Then, Hermione interrupts because Harry seems to be in danger: his broom is headed straight for the ground at high speed.
  • Malfoy says that Harry must be looking for money for Ron, and Ron jumps him. Neville helps.
  • Hermione's so focused on Harry she doesn't notice.
  • Suddenly Harry whooshes by Snape and grabs the Snitch, winning the game. All the Gryffindors are super excited.
  • Dumbledore congratulates Harry, and Snape seems angry.
  • After the game, a contented Harry is putting his broom away, when he sees a mysterious person heading into the forest. He thinks it's Snape, and decides to follow on his broomstick. He goes deeper and deeper until he catches up.
  • He sees/hears Snape and Quirrell in a furious discussion. Snape mentions the Stone and asks Quirrell if he's figured out how to get to it. They argue. Snape accuses Quirrell of disloyalty and leaves, and Quirrell seems shocked.
  • Back at Hogwarts, Hermione and Ron congratulate Harry again, and tell how Ron and Neville whaled on Malfoy and his friends. They want him to come party with the Gryffindors, but he takes them aside to explain what he saw in the forest.
  • They all think that once Quirrell caves into Snape, the Stone will disappear.

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