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Little Hubie in Having Our Say

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Little Hubie

Although Sadie and Bessie never have kids, they treat their nieces and nephews (and anyone in need, for that matter) as if they were their own. In the case of Little Hubie, this open-hearted approach teaches them just how devastating death can be on a personal scale.

Little Hubie is born with mental disabilities, but the sisters love him all the more for it. Despite his limitations, he's a "very beautiful child and easy to love"—anyone who has spent time with those with special needs will understand exactly what they're talking about (6.26.9). Sadie and Bessie even take Little Hubie tag along on dates!

You can understand, then, why his death at only ten is such a blow to them. Although the Delanys have encountered their fair share of hardship, they somehow "all had this idea that he would be all right some day" (6.26.16). Their memory of Little Hubie—while sorrow-tinged—prepares them for the many deaths in the family that will occur over the mid-1900s.

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