Study Guide

Having Our Say Part III, Chapter 8: Sadie

By Sarah and A. Elizabeth Delany with Amy Hill Hearth

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Part III, Chapter 8: Sadie

  • Although the parents work crazy hard to make ends meet, they always make time for the kids. Sure, it's sometimes just to dole out discipline, but they're always there.
  • Henry and Nanny start each morning with an "'inspection'" to see if the kids' "shoes were polished" and "ears were clean" (3.8.10).
  • During the day, the kids attend school on campus while their dad leads religious services. Although the Delanys are considered "an elite family," the truth is that "money was very tight" (3.8.14).
  • The kids rebel against their dad's discipline occasionally, but his concerns always seem to be proven right.
  • The only time the sisters get physically punished by their father is after they wander away from campus. The sisters agree to take the punishment without crying, but Sadie chickens out after seeing the pain that Bessie goes through.

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