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Having Our Say Part IV, Chapter 13: Sadie

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Part IV, Chapter 13: Sadie

  • After graduation, Sadie is faced with the prospect of leaving her sheltered life at St. Aug's for a four-year university. In order to raise money, she starts teaching in disadvantaged communities throughout the South.
  • She becomes a "Jeanes Supervisor" and helps "introduce domestic science to colored schools in many parts of the South" (4.13.7).
  • One day, Lemuel returns from medical school with a swanky new car, which Sadie learns to drive like a pro. She even becomes Booker T. Washington's personal driver when he's in town, which is pretty boss.
  • Times are tough. Sadie stays with the O'Kellys during her travels and the family ends up losing its mother and a daughter to tuberculosis.
  • Despite her very adult responsibilities, Sadie still lives at home and her father is "still in charge of [her] social life" (4.13.22).
  • She dates this one guy named Frank who Henry thinks talks too much. Henry eventually bans Sadie from seeing him after rumors of an affair with a nurse reaches his ears.

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