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Having Our Say Part V, Chapter 15: Sadie and Bessie

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Part V, Chapter 15: Sadie and Bessie

  • The sisters visit New York City for the first time in 1913. The sheer size of the city blows their minds.
  • Swooning, the sisters decide to move to NYC for college. Eventually, all of the "Delany children, except Lemuel, moved to New York City" (5.15.7).
  • Although they spend a few months in a wealthy family's living room, their brother Lucius gets an apartment and the whole clan moves in. Although Lucius is on the lease, everyone knows that the sisters run the show.
  • The only brother who doesn't follow the sisters' every direction is Manross, who's as "stubborn as a mule" (5.15.17).
  • Later, Manross fights in World War II, believing that his service would earn him respect from his white peers. He is sorely disappointed.

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