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Having Our Say Part V, Chapter 18: Sadie

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Part V, Chapter 18: Sadie

  • In 1918, Henry becomes a bishop. Ironically, the Delanys have to sit in a segregated section and are denied Communion during his induction ceremony.
  • Like her father, Sadie believes that, in order to succeed, "you had to be better at what you did than any of your white competition" (5.18.2). She starts teaching at P.S. 119 in Harlem a few years after Henry becomes a bishop.
  • Sadie sells homemade candy for spare money until the Depression takes its toll on people's pocketbooks.
  • In her heart, Sadie really wants to work at another high school, but she knows that her race will hinder her. Cleverly, she manages to avoid meeting the board of education council and just shows up to work on the first day.
  • She's plenty busy in her off time too, studying for her Master's degree at Columbia and "teaching adults who dropped out of school" at night (5.18.17).

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