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Having Our Say Gender

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Do you realize that women weren't able to vote until 1920? That means that until that point, men were literally deciding everything. Well, Sadie and Bessie Delany remember that day quite well because they lived through it. These sisters faced a great deal of discrimination based on their gender but only worked harder for it. Luckily, they had some amazing female role models in their lives, like their mother Nanny and grandmother Martha, both strong, independent women in their own right. You're going to wanna read this one; it'll give you strongest rush of Girl Power since you first heard the Spice Girls.

Questions About Gender

  1. How do the women of the Logan family defy typical gender roles?
  2. Why do the sisters choose to never marry?
  3. In what ways do Sadie and Bessie face gender-based discrimination?
  4. How do gender roles in society change over Sadie and Bessie's lives?

Chew on This

Although Nanny is a very conservative woman, she defies gender stereotypes in many profound ways.

As black women, Sadie and Bessie are forced on the double-edged sword of racism and sexism, the latter of which is sometimes directed at them by members of their own race.

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