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Having Our Say Poverty

By Sarah and A. Elizabeth Delany with Amy Hill Hearth

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Although Sadie and Bessie are too classy to show it, they've gone through their fair share of hard times. In Having Our Say, we're given a glimpse into the harsh realities of poverty in America and the things we can do to help the disadvantaged. Would you feed a hungry stranger who knocked on your door? Nanny Delany would. Would you give up your access to music so someone else could have it? Bessie would—and did. We're not trying to guilt trip you too badly, but stop dilly-dallying and check out these quotes!

Questions About Poverty

  1. In what ways does Jim Crow contribute to poverty in the black community?
  2. How does the Great Depression affect the citizens of Harlem?
  3. In what ways do the sisters do their part to fight poverty?
  4. How is access to education linked to poverty?

Chew on This

In Having Our Say, the cycle of poverty is seen as an issue of education, first and foremost.

Although slavery ends with the Civil War, Having Our Say reveals to us the many ways that impoverished conditions were used to hold back the newly freed black community.

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