Study Guide

Heart of a Samurai Chapter 10

By Margi Preus

Chapter 10


  • The Captain gives all the Japanese guys a new set of clothes and five half-dollars because the ship is about to take off.
  • Manjiro hasn't told the Captain about his decision yet, so the Captain just tells him that he hopes to see him on the ship.
  • Manjiro wants to tell Goemon about his decision first, so they go walking along the beach with their new stuff.
  • Goemon and Manjiro get into a deep discussion about the differences between the Japanese and the foreigners.
  • Goemon really doesn't think Manjiro should go with the "barbarians" because everything they do is just so weird, but Manjiro tries to explain that the stuff the Japanese do isn't exactly normal or smart either: It's all a matter of custom and habit.
  • Goemon's not convinced, though; he thinks Manjiro will be turned into a slave.
  • Manjiro doesn't think so, though, and he wants to try to explain to Goemon why he wants to go to America, but he doesn't know how.
  • Meanwhile, Goemon notices that people are following them.
  • He tells Manjiro to run, but Manjiro gets caught by a huge hand around his neck.