Study Guide

Heart of a Samurai Chapter 11

By Margi Preus

Chapter 11

Thieves and Murderers

  • Manjiro and Goemon have just been jumped by a bunch of random whaling guys.
  • Except one of them isn't random: Jolly.
  • Jolly has a thing against Manjiro (if you hadn't noticed by now), so he tries to blackmail Manjiro.
  • How? Jolly has stolen the Captain's favorite pocket watch and plans on telling the captain that Manjiro stole it (yeah—Jolly's a total jerk).
  • But… if Manjiro gives Jolly his money and never shows up on the boat again, then Jolly won't tell the captain about Manjiro's "thievery."
  • Only Manjiro doesn't have his coins. His pockets are empty (except for some random stuff).
  • Jolly is not happy and demands that they shake Manjiro upside-down—literally—but nothing's coming out of Manjiro.
  • Manjiro picks up a piece of wood out of a fire and sets Jolly's beard aflame.
  • Jolly and the other dudes take off, leaving the Captain's watch behind (which Manjiro picks up).
  • Once Manjiro is alone with Goemon, Goemon really tries to convince Manjiro not to leave with the Captain.
  • Instead, Manjiro just puts his five coins into Goemon's hand.
  • Goemon's totally surprised (as are we): Where did the money come from?
  • Turns out Manjiro learned a couple of disappearing tricks from one of the sailors.
  • Goemon warns Manjiro that there will always be guys like Jolly, but Manjiro can't help being enraptured by the sunrise (they've been out for a while).
  • The two part ways, with Manjiro promising that he'll see Goemon again.