Study Guide

Heart of a Samurai Chapter 12

By Margi Preus

Chapter 12

Sailing Away

  • Manjiro's on the boat, and everything's grand, except he's worried about bumping into Jolly.
  • He's also worried about what Jolly might have told the Captain about the Captain's stolen watch.
  • In fact, he's so anxious that he can't even be his normal, inquisitive self around the captain.
  • He hides as much as he can for the next few days in order to avoid Jolly.
  • But hey, happy day—it turns out that Jolly's not even on the boat.
  • Manjiro can't exactly understand why, but it seems like Jolly just doesn't show up.
  • Manjiro's not all that happy about this, though, and he feels guilty because he thinks he's at fault even though, duh, he isn't.
  • One day, he gets tasked to be up on a pole as lookout.
  • The waves are so big that, while he's looking at the captain's watch, it gets tossed overboard.
  • Now Manjiro's really screwed.