Study Guide

Heart of a Samurai Chapter 16

By Margi Preus

Chapter 16

Samurai Farm Boy

  • The Captain does come back with a wife: Albertina.
  • Manjiro likes her immediately.
  • The Captain also gets a farm, where Manjiro lives like a regular farm boy, with a long list of chores.
  • One day, after he completes his chores, he rides his horse, Plum Duff, around and ends up falling off—a typical thing for Manjiro.
  • He falls in front of this white boy named Terry while Plum Duff runs off.
  • Manjiro calls for Plum Duff, which makes Terry ask him what the horse's name is.
  • Apparently, even though Manjiro thinks he's saying "Plum Duff," it comes out (at least to Terry) as "prumuduffu."
  • Manjiro gets Terry to help him look for Plum Duff.
  • While they search for the horse, the boys become friends, and for the rest of summer they hang out and teach each other all sorts of skills and games.
  • Manjiro also teaches Terry about samurai and swords.
  • However, when Terry asks whether or not Manjiro will become a samurai when he goes back to Japan, Manjiro lies and says he totally will.