Study Guide

Heart of a Samurai Chapter 20

By Margi Preus

Chapter 20

The Challenge

  • It's spring and the boys are fishing.
  • Terry and Job are discussing Tom and how he keeps bullying Manjiro.
  • They think that Manjiro needs to go on the offensive and fight Tom, but Manjiro's not down with that idea because he's too worried about getting thrown out of school.
  • Terry comes up with the idea of a sword fight since Tom won't know how to handle all those sword moves.
  • Then the guys get on the topic of what happens when a sword cuts off a head.
  • Manjiro contends that the body can still do some stuff after the head's been cut off and the other guys joke around about what the body does.
  • It just so happens Mrs. Whitfield overhears their conversation and asks what's going on.
  • The boys tell Mrs. Whitfield that Manjiro's being bullied at school.
  • Mrs. Whitfield—taking it all in stride—tells Manjiro he should probably tell Mr. Whitfield about it.
  • Manjiro, though, won't admit to the bullying.
  • When the boys leave, he goes to Duffy (shortened from "Plum Duff") and tells the horse his troubles in Japanese.
  • What should he do?