Study Guide

Heart of a Samurai Chapter 27

By Margi Preus

Chapter 27

Whistling Up A Wind

  • Setting: August 1847 (4th Year of Kokoa, Year of the Sheep)
  • Things aren't all that great on the Franklin.
  • First, he has this young guy around, bugging him with all these questions… Gee, sound familiar?
  • Second, all the men (except Ira—now captain—and Itchy, the first mate) ignore and talk about him.
  • Plus, Ira has a real temper, which isn't exactly the best way to run a ship.
  • Suddenly, there's this shout from the deck. Manjiro can see some small ships in the distance—they're Japanese—so he scrambles onto the whaleboat and goes out to greet them.
  • But they're scared of him and the white dude next to him, and they also speak a different dialect than what he knows.
  • So what seems like his way home ends up not—the Japanese boat sails away.