Study Guide

Heart of a Samurai Chapter 29

By Margi Preus

Chapter 29

  • Setting: February 1848 (1st Year of Kaei, Year of the Monkey)
  • A year goes by and whale hunting just isn't where it's at—no one's in a good mood on the ship, and the wind isn't even blowing.
  • The guys more or less blame Manjiro for all the bad luck; he's the "Jonah." Or at least that's what he thinks.
  • Or it could be Captain Davis the crew is against.
  • No one would blame them: Captain Davis is a tyrant who's taken to waving a gun around on the deck. And that's on top of all the constant yelling.
  • Now Captain Davis is looking for Manjiro. He thinks Manjiro's the "Jonah" and is threatening to throw everyone overboard until he finds Manjiro.
  • Manjiro reveals himself, but right afterward, the crew spots a huge sea turtle.
  • Someone throws a knife and maims the turtle, which goes underwater, and before Davis can get to him, Manjiro jumps in and goes after the turtle.
  • As he goes deeper, he starts to hallucinate and hear a Japanese fairytale about a guy who becomes a prince but then leaves his princess because he just wants to go home; he also hears his mother voice telling him to swim up.
  • He does, and when he cracks the surface of the water, everyone's cheering for him, even Jolly.
  • Well, everyone except Captain Davis that is.