Study Guide

Heart of a Samurai Chapter 35

By Margi Preus

Chapter 35

The Gold Fields

  • Setting: Spring/Summer 1850 (3rd year of Kaei, Year of the Dog)
  • Terry and Manjiro are in California (passing through Sacramento to be exact) on a railroad.
  • Manrjiro can't believe it: He's never been on anything so fast.
  • The guys get to a spot at a river and start panning for gold.
  • Manjiro thinks he's hit it big right off, but everyone around him laughs; he's just found fool's gold.
  • Months go by, and Manjiro gets into a rhythm. It's all about shaking, scooping, sluicing, stirring…
  • Guys all around quit because the conditions are really tough on the body.
  • Good thing Manjiro's used to hard work.
  • One day, Manjiro's doing the same old same old when everything sort of stops for him and he realizes he has a lump of gold in his pan.
  • To him, this means he and his friends are going home.