Study Guide

Heart of a Samurai Chapter 36

By Margi Preus

Chapter 36

Between Two Worlds

  • Part 5 is called "Home." Let's dive in.
  • Setting: January 1851 (4th year of Kaei, Year of the Boar)
  • Everything goes according to plan: Manjiro goes from San Francisco to Oahu, finds his old pals, buys a whaleboat, and gets a captain to take them and the boat close to Japan.
  • The plan from there is to row the boat into Japan's port.
  • There are only three of them: Manjiro, Goemon, and Denzo.
  • Toraemon decides to stay in Oahu and Jusuke died a while ago.
  • At sea, the waters are rough and the weather is stormy, but they finally see land; it's home.
  • Manjiro's already missing America, just like he missed Japan, but he knows that that's just how things will be—he'll always be missing one or the other.
  • They get to land and they are so grateful to be on familiar territory.
  • Until, that is, they see men coming to arrest them…