Study Guide

Heart of a Samurai Chapter 39

By Margi Preus

Chapter 39


  • The daimyo has sent them to Nagasaki; he assures them it's not a big deal and that he's written in support of their release.
  • But once the guys get to Nagasaki, they're back in prison again, only this time, it's worse.
  • The officials are cruel here, and they don't just interrogate, they torture.
  • They even tell the men to stomp on an image of the Madonna and child. Which the men do.
  • But that isn't enough either.
  • In the cells, there are other castaways.
  • They pass rumors—stuff like how all this torture is what's done right before release, that China has fallen to the West, how the shogunate is disintegrating, that America is a rising world power.
  • There are rumors that Japan might descend into civil war and that they may war with the West, too.
  • The guys just can't believe this: What have they returned to?