Study Guide

Heart of a Samurai Chapter 6

By Margi Preus

Chapter 6


  • Jolly's the guy who stole the stuff from Manjiro's box.
  • The jerk.
  • He's also the one who first tells Manjiro that Captain Whitfield won't be taking them back to Japan.
  • The news does not make Manjiro happy.
  • In fact, when the captain calls Manjiro over to his stateroom and invites Manjiro to drink tea with him, Manjiro isn't exactly thankful.
  • Manjiro even snorts at the captain once (although he covers it up pretty well).
  • But it turns out the captain isn't trying to swindle or lie to Manjiro about their destination; instead, he tells Manjiro why they won't be heading toward Japan.
  • Because Japan is so hostile to foreigners, even if the captain seeks to return Manjiro and his friends to Japan, he and the ship risk getting shot at by the Japanese.
  • He's totally sympathetic to Manjiro's misery and hopes that one day Manjiro will be able to return home.
  • Meanwhile, there's a violin to play. No, really: The captain distracts Manjiro from his sadness by playing a song.
  • Then, because Manjiro sees a book, the captain picks up the book and starts reading a poem out loud.
  • Manjiro is stunned. Who knew a "barbarian" could play music and appreciate poetry?
  • Manjiro sees a picture of a woman; it's the Captain's wife, who has already passed away.
  • Manjiro finds out the captain has no children, so he points out that he doesn't have a father.
  • The two bond over these facts, and Manjiro leaves the room with mixed emotions—including happiness.