Study Guide

Heart of a Samurai Chapter 7

By Margi Preus

Chapter 7

Ship Life

  • Manjiro's getting good at helping out on the ship. He might as well be a sailor, too.
  • He's also getting pretty good at English, which means he's getting to know the other sailors.
  • They're a pretty cool bunch.
  • There's Edward, who plays the pennywhistle; Parden, who's an artist at heart; Mr. Q, the gentle giant; Josiah, the big eater; Biscuit, the gossip; Isaiah, the black, funny guy; and Francis, who climbs the quickest.
  • They're mostly American, although some of them are from other countries, too.
  • Manjiro's never heard of America, so the guys have to school him on that.
  • Later, he asks Captain Whitfield about America, and they end up talking about Manjiro's "hopes and dreams," which Manjiro's never really had (up until now).
  • Now, though, Manjiro can only think of "opportunity."