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Hedda Gabler Characters

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Hedda Tesman

Hedda Gabler is not a nice person. She taunts a recovering alcoholic about his masculinity and...

Eilert Løvborg

Eilert is all about being caught in between. He’s in between Hedda and Thea, aristocracy...

George Tesman

Right from the get-go, it’s clear that George Tesman comes from a class below Hedda. Where...

Judge Brack

We first hear about Judge Brack as the man who helped Aunt Julie arrange to put up the money for...

Mrs. Elvsted

As a woman in Hedda Gabler, Mrs. Elvsted struggles with the same question as Hedda and Miss...

Miss Juliana Tesman

You’re probably tired of hearing us talk about women in Hedda Gabler having empty lives....


Berta used to work as maid for Miss Julie and Miss Rina; she has been with the family since...


George’s deceased father, brother to Miss Julie Tesman and Miss Rina.

General Gabler

Hedda’s deceased father.

Miss Rina

Rina is Julie Tesman’s sister and George’s aunt. Rina is terminally ill at the...

Sheriff Elvsted

The Sheriff is Mrs. Elvsted’s husband. He's somewhat of a jerk, from what we hear.

Mademoiselle Diana

The red-headed prostitute Eilert has seen on a number of occasions.

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