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Hedda Gabler Wealth

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Hedda Gabler explores a marriage between an aristocratic woman and a seemingly middle-class man. Wealth is a constant barrier between them, not only as far as money is concerned but also in regards to class. Interests, mannerisms, even personalities and friendships, are all tied to class. Because of this, the notion of "rich" and "poor" is often more about power, influence, and reputation than it is about cash.

Questions About Wealth

  1. Is money the only reason Hedda apparently hates her husband? What is it about him that irritates her the most?
  2. Hedda claims that she married Tesman because he promised to give her everything she wanted. Is this really why she tied the knot?
  3. Eilert tells George that he won’t compete for the professorship because he only wants to win in the eyes of the world. Why doesn’t he care about money? What exactly does he care about instead?

Chew on This

Hedda cares more about power than she does about money.

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