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Heist Society Setting

By Ally Carter

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We See Austria, We See France...

"Been Around the World and I-I-I, I Can't Find My Painting." 

Kat goes all over the globe as she assembles her heist crew and tracks down clues about Taccone's stolen paintings. Taccone is in Italy. Simon is in Vegas. Hale's estate, and the Henley Museum, are in England. Mr. Stein, the art expert, is in Poland.

You can practically see the dotted line being drawn from country-to-country as Kat jets around the world. It all makes us kind of dizzy, actually.

In our opinions, not only all this globetrotting gives the Heist Society a worldly feel, while also letting us live vicariously in Kat's glamorous, thieving lifestyle. It's a fun ride. Oh, and all these exotic locations provide a whole host of filming options for the Heist Society movie.

Smart, Ally Carter. Real smart.

Musée des Beaux Arts? More Like Musée des Stolen Arts.

The last few chapters of the book take place exclusively within the Henley, a fictional art museum that, if it existed, would give the Louvre a run for its money. With security measures out the wazoo, the Henley is the perfect place for an Ocean's Eleven art heist.

Security cameras. Motion detectors. Vents that suck the oxygen out of a room. All that's missing are laser beams and Tom Cruise dangling from a wire. Are we right?

Whether it's a high-tech casino, a bank vault, or the inside of someone's dreams, every heist needs a creative setting. And the Henley definitely fits the bill.

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