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Gregory Reginald Wainwright in Heist Society

By Ally Carter

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Gregory Reginald Wainwright

Don of the Henley

This guy has had so much wool pulled over his eyes he could knit a sweater for each member of the Duggar family. Poor, put-upon Gregory Reginald Wainwright is the director of the Henley art museum. And he has a lot on his mind: "quarterly reports, […] donation levels, budget overages, and, of course, […] Visily Romani" (24.1).

First and foremost, Wainwright is a businessman. He's not an art man. He's concerned with money, profits, the board of directors, etc. He's not concerned with art—unless it makes the Henley money—and he's oblivious to the art of the con.

The mysterious Visily Romani cons the Henley twice in this book: once before Kat hits the place, and again along with Kat at the end of Heist Society. That's a couple too many heists in for one month. Wainwright probably needs to start looking for another job.

We have to wonder if anyone could have stopped Kat and Romani from working their magic on the Henley. You've heard the phrase that "you need a thief to catch a thief," right?

We think it'd be a good idea to hire a professional thief as the director of the Henley, instead of this guy Wainwright. Not only would the position keep the thief from doing bad things with his free time, it might also make other thieves think twice before trying to get away with the museum's goods. Man, we're smart.

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