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Heist Society Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

  • Someone has pulled a huge prank at the prestigious Colgan School—the headmaster's Porsche has somehow ended up on top of a fountain.
  • A mysterious girl named Katarina Bishop ("Kat" for short) is about to take the fall for this prank, even though she says she didn't do it.
  • Kat gets called into the headmaster's office, and there, he presents her with the evidence against her: security camera footage and a record that her I.D. card was used to open the dorm doors.
  • Kat's defense is a smart one: "Would I really use my own I.D. if I'd done it?" (1.59) She's cleverer than that, you know.
  • The headmaster tries to trick Kat into confessing by asking her, "how would you have done it?" (1.62)
  • Unable to talk her way out of this one, Kat gets expelled. She grabs her bags and hops into a limo outside. A mysterious voice (the first of many in this book, actually) says, "It's just beginning." (1.81)
  • We admit it: we're intrigued.

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