Study Guide

Heist Society Chapter 15

By Ally Carter

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Chapter 15

  • Time to case the Henley Museum and see how it might have been hit.
  • While waiting in line to get into the Henley, Hale and Kat see new metal detectors. They wonder what other additional security measures the museum might be taking since the heist.
  • Crowds of people are ignoring the Renaissance room—usually the museum's center of activity because it holds a da Vinci—and heading toward the room where Visily Romani left his calling card.
  • That's right: "Mr. Romani" didn't actually steal anything. He broke in and left a card.
  • But that's not all. Hale has an idea. What if Romani took the five paintings he stole from Taccone and hid them behind the paintings at the Henley? (We're not sure why he'd do this, exactly, but we're just going along with Hale's idea at this point.)
  • Kat certainly seems to think they're on the right track. And she adds, "if they can be found […] they can be stolen" (15.68, 15.69).

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