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Heist Society Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • Kat runs through her options in her head:
    • Option 1: Call Arturo Taccone and tell him to get the paintings himself. Yeah, that will go over well.
    • Option 2: Call the Henley and tell them about the paintings. They probably won't hand them over to Taccone, though. So strike that one too.
    • Option 3: Recruit a team and heist the paintings from the Henley herself. Now we're talking.
    • Option 4: Call it a day and pig out on Little Caesar's. Okay, that's the option we made up. Kat's going with Option 3.
  • Option 3 is a good one except for one thing: Kat has seven days to assemble a team and steal five paintings—that might not even be there—from one of the most high-security museums on the planet.
  • Hale takes Kat to his house and opens the door. Looks like he's got the rest of the team ready: the Bagshaw brothers, Simon, and Gabrielle. Oh yeah, it's on.

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