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Heist Society Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • Now the fun begins. Kat and co. start scouting out the Henley.
  • Pretending to be teenage tourists taking photos of themselves—like, pretty much all teenagers do—Kat and Hal snap pictures of the Henley's exterior security camera. Do you think Kat made Duck Face in any of them?
  • Simon is using a fancy electronic device to hijack the Henley's central computing system. The problem with being stereotypically nerdy, however, is Simon's complete lack of coordination.
  • He drops the device, it skids across the floor, and guards pick it up.
  • The benefit to the guards being stereotypical out-of-touch adults: they think his hacking device is the latest hand-held video game system and simply give it back to him. Suckers.
  • Finally, Gabrielle pretends to be a ditzy tourist and touches one of the paintings, setting off sirens and security grates.
  • Kat's watching the security emergency unfold when mysterious goons appear beside her and pull her into a limo. She keeps her cool, merely saying, "Hello, Signor Taccone" (18.39).
  • Guess the mystery man's no mystery this time around.

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