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Heist Society Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • Though she keeps her cool, Kat seems miffed at herself for getting caught by Taccone's goons.
  • She explains to Taccone that she's casing the Henley to get his paintings back. In other words: back off, dude.
  • However, she confesses that she's afraid she can't get the job done. They only have six days to pull this crazy heist together.
  • Taccone is not sympathetic. He threatens her and her father, then drops her off in Trafalgar Square with an envelope of photos. They're photos of Gabrielle, Hale, Kat's father, and her Uncle Eddie.
  • It seems that Taccone's got a budding photography habit. Either that, or he's tracking her family and friends to make it easier to kill them. We hope it's the former, but it's probably the latter.
  • Alas, we interpret these photos as a threat.

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