Study Guide

Heist Society Chapter 21

By Ally Carter

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Chapter 21

  • This chapter starts with a brief change in point of view. An Interpol agent named Amelia Bennett is interrogating a witness. The witness's name: Melanie O'Hara.
  • Hm, we've heard that name before, and not because we were really tired that time we saw Gone with the WindOh, right. Kat had a passport for "Melanie O'Hara" back in Chapter 3.
  • Later, Kat meets up with her father. She confesses everything: she got kicked out of school, Uncle Eddie isn't going to do a thing to save him, and Kat has assembled a team to rob the Henley.
  • You thought it was hard telling your dad about that C you got in Phys Ed.
  • Then, with perfect dramatic timing, Interpol agent Amelia Bennett shows up and arrests Kat's dad. All she can do is watch them take him away and whisper, "I'm sorry" (21.42).
  • The girl's been working pretty hard to save her dad, so we wonder why she's sorry. Did she have something to do with his arrest?

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