Study Guide

Heist Society Chapter 22

By Ally Carter

Chapter 22

  • On the cold, crowded sidewalks of Paris, a boy bumps against Kat. Kat knows something is up, so she follows him and brushes up against him.
  • Then the point of view shifts to the boy, who goes home... and finds Kat waiting for him there. "You can pick pockets," she says. "I can pick locks. […] Maybe I can pick pockets too" (22.21).
  • His I.D. says his name is Nicholas Smith. Can that be his real name? It's so boring. We guess we'll find out later.
  • Kat gets his life story in abbreviated form. She asks him if he has a record, if he's ever been caught pick pocketing, and if he has a crew. The answer to all three: no.
  • She recruits him to her heist team, because he is, like, an obvious choice.

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