Study Guide

Heist Society Chapter 23

By Ally Carter

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Chapter 23

  • Kat feels a little guilty sneaking back into Hale's mansion at three in the morning.
  • Gabrielle hears her come in, and breaks some bad news to her: her dad's been arrested.
  • When Kat confesses that she did it, the whole house wakes up and comes together to hear her explanation.
  • They're starting to agree she did the right thing, when Nicholas Smith walks in and introduces himself.
  • Kat introduces him as the "pocket man" (23.30)—may we suggest "The Kangaroo" as a call sign? Hale is not pleased that she recruited a complete stranger without him.
  • They talk outside, where Kat gets increasingly frustrated with Hale. It's her dad's life on the line, so she should be able to do whatever she sees fit.
  • "He's not part of the family" (23.57), Hale says.
  • "Neither are you" (23.58), he replies.
  • Ouch. We can feel that sting from here.

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