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Heist Society Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

  • Our point of view shifts once again, this time to that of a little man named Gregory Reginald Wainwright. He's a punk singer. Haha, just kidding. Not with a name like that, he's not.
  • He's actually the director of the Henley, and he's about to meet with W.W. Hale the Fifth.
  • We shift back to Kat and watch some slick maneuvers unfold. First, Hale leaves a piece of tape on the director's door so it doesn't lock. Then, Nick picks the director's pocket and passes the keycard to Gabrielle, who is disguised a tour guide leading a huge group of children. Two of the "kids" are the Bagshaw brothers—they leave the group and sneak into the director's unlocked office. These guys are good at what they do, alright.
  • While all of that's going on, Gregory Reginald Wainwright talks to Hale. The story Hale spins for him is that Hale wants to donate a painting to the museum, but he's worried about the museum's security.
  • The director and Hale return to the office, but the Bagshaws are still inside, helping Simon to hack the system from the inside. To create a diversion, Nick and Kat turn on some hardcore smooching in the hallway, bringing Hale and the director to a dead stop. Saucy.

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