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Heist Society Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

  • Hale's been a little bitter ever since Kat recruited Nick, so they try to talk things over.
  • Hale asks, "If I kill Taccone, would that help your dad?" (26.18) Kat isn't sure if he's joking or not. What kind of past does this boy have?
  • The two dance and make up, and Hale tells Kat that he'll always be on her team.
  • Back in her room, Kat looks at the photo of her dad. She starts to notice the people in the background of the photo, including Interpol agent Amelia Bennett and someone else who now looks strangely familiar. Hm…
  • Later that night, Hale sneaks away and makes a phone call to Uncle Eddie, saying he needs his help. What for, we wonder?

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