Study Guide

Heist Society Chapter 29

By Ally Carter

Chapter 29

  • Kat and Gabrielle meet Taccone at a restaurant in Rome, where Kat gives him an address. He is to meet her there after the heist to claim his paintings. Well, the paintings he wants Kat to steal back, even though he's probably not their rightful owner.
  • Back at Hale's, Hale is not pleased that Kat went to see Taccone without a boy to protect her. This guy seems a little backwards to us.
  • He even gives her an envelope, which contains his confession about the incident with the headmaster's Porsche back at Colgan.
  • She refuses to take it. "No turning back now" (29.48), she says. Stealing paintings from an art museum sounds like a pretty exciting education, so we're guessing Kat's not going back to school anytime soon. (Note: Don't follow in her footsteps, kiddos. School is important.)
  • (We mean it.)

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