Study Guide

Heist Society Chapter 31

By Ally Carter

Chapter 31

  • It's a typical Monday morning at the Henley. Except that seven teens are planning to steal five paintings from the place, of course.
  • Gabrielle leads a group of tourists in for an art class in the Impressionist gallery. "Pretend and it will be true" (31.16), she tells herself.
  • Meanwhile, the Bagshaws, disguised as furnace repairmen (we're guessing they're wearing costumes rejected from Magic Mike), show up at the Henley. The guards let them in.
  • Simon also takes up his station... on the toilet. From atop his, ahem, throne, he's able to remotely monitor all the museum's cameras.
  • Outside, Hale's on his phone with Uncle Eddie, who says, "you were right about him" (31.36). Uh-oh, that doesn't sound good. Hale doesn't let this cryptic bit of news stop him, though. He wheels Marcus, who is in a wheelchair, into the museum.
  • Inside, Kat watches as Marcus, pretending to be Hale's uncle, pitches a fit in the middle of the museum. Marcus draws the attention of Gregory Wainwright, as he stands up, walks around, and generally causes a scene.
  • Now that everything and everyone is in place, the Bagshaws trigger a thick plume of dark smoke that pours out of the vents.
  • Gregory Wainwright grabs Hale and Marcus and ushers them out, leaving Marcus's wheelchair behind.

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