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Heist Society Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

  • Nick plucks the security card from Wainwright's pocket and meets Kat in the Romani room.
  • Unfortunately, Simon isn't able to turn off the cameras from his remote location in the bathroom.
  • Outside, Wainwright explains how a museum puts out fires without soaking the paintings: "We simply suck all the oxygen out of the room" (32.30). Using a giant Hoover Vacuum, kind of, but for oxygen.
  • Simon finally manages to turn the cameras off, and Kat and Nick scramble for Marcus's discarded wheelchair. What're they after? The oxygen tanks attached to either side.
  • Able to breathe again, they disassemble the chair, which is made of all of the tools a thief needs to pull off a heist.
  • Kat slides away one of the Henley's paintings and, thankfully, she's right: one of Taccone's stolen paintings is underneath it. Great job, Kat.

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