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Heist Society Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

  • Gabrielle sweeps in to help Nick and Kat secure the rest of Taccone's paintings.
  • Unfortunately, the first painting, Girl Praying to Saint Nicholas, isn't there. Only Visily Romani's card is there, instead of the painting.
  • Kat doesn't have time to ponder this new development. Gabrielle is hauling the paintings up through the vents, and Kat needs to get out of there pronto.
  • Nick helps boost Kat through the vent, but after he does so, Kat refuses to throw him the rope.
  • She's figured out who he is: Interpol agent Amelia Bennett's son. She asks him why he's helping her. "Because I like you" (33.65), he says.
  • "Wrong answer" (33.68), says Kat, and she leaves him to be found by the guards.
  • Everyone else—Kat, Gabrielle, Simon, and the Bagshaw brothers—returns to the Impressionist gallery, where they pretend to have been trapped during the evacuation.
  • The guards arrive, and Kat faints.

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