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Heist Society Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

  • It's Christmastime at Uncle Eddie's, and the whole family is there. So is the "extended family" of thieves these guys run with.
  • Mr. Stein, the Polish art expert, also shows up. He thanks Kat for recovering the paintings from the Henley, which were taken from their rightful owners by the Nazis. Now they can be returned.
  • He tells her, "I feel quite sure we'll meet again" (37.40), which sounds like a sequel to us. Yay.
  • Stein leaves as Angus Bagshaw enters. He's carrying a parcel he found outside. It's for Kat.
  • She unwraps it and finds the missing painting: it's the Girl Praying to Saint Nicholas.
  • Attached is a note assuring Kat that da Vinci's Angel is safe.
  • Kat thinks about returning to the Colgan School, but only for a moment.
  • She realizes that she could totally be the next Visily Romani. So, she decides a life of crime is way awesomer than going back to school. The end.

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